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Vegetable garden

One of the great attractions of old Italian country houses is a beautiful and restful vegetable garden, and MASO DI VILLA is certainly no exception. The big, completely organic vegetable garden is at the heart of the farm: its flavours, colours and shapes always fill us all with joy.

Spring, summer, autumn or winter – there is always something happening in our garden, but the sheer beauty and wholesome taste of our produce are ample reward for the hard work we invest.

Spanning 1000 square meters, our vegetable garden is divided into four main sections. Every one of almost 100 varieties of plants in the garden is edible and it is grown biologically. Fruit and veg are harvested year round for use in MASO DI VILLA. Guests are invited to join in the harvesting, pruning, planting or picking of our many fruit, herbs, spices and vegetables.

Loretta, gardener and owner, has become a favourite among guests. She loves planting unusual and historic varieties of vegetables among flowers, herbs and fruit bushes, and developing plants capable of excelling in MASO DI VILLA’s micro-climate.
She is always happy to chat about the garden, or take you on a little tour through the beautiful landscape she has crafted.