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Rates and reservations

Would you like to check availability and rates (prices may vary according to type of room, season and length of your stay)? Would you like to stay updated with all our latest offers and promotions? Or would you like to reserve a room at MASO DI VILLA?
Our Online Reservation System is the best way:

Book now

Why book direct here?

  • Lowest rate guarantee: we guarantee that booking directly with ourselves you will get the best price!
  • Take advantage of selected special offers and of packages for special occasions
  • Have direct access to all available rooms
  • Enjoy a welcome drink and other complimentary benefits
  • Have the advantage of working direct with us for support and service
  • Enjoy a favourable Cancellation Policy
  • Enjoy a Secure Booking Service (we have one of the most secure systems on the market today), easy to use and with instant confirmation

How to check availability and rates:

  • Select your arrival date, number of nights, number of guests, number or rooms
  • Check availability, room type, rates and offers

How to proceed with a reservation:

  • After having checked availability and rates, select your room, read the summary, and make your reservation. As soon as you validate your reservation, you will receive your email confirmation.

There are no accommodation options that suit your search criteria? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at:

E-mail: info@masodivilla.it
Telephone: +39 0438 841414

We hope that we will have the pleasure of welcoming you to MASO DI VILLA before too long.