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Our land

We love our land. These hills nestled between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, embroidered with vineyards and ancient hamlets, never cease to amaze us when we navigate through the little streets that weave through them.
It is a land full of surprises, where a secular wine making culture has designed the local panorama, and everything revolves around the history and the art of wine.

This land is both harmonious yet contrasted: from the curvaceous slopes and hills interspersed with steep banks and ample views, hidden valleys and vineyards that climb up to the forest’s edge, to the country cottages and medieval castles.
Unlike in the past, today quality wine is preferred here: Prosecco DOCG, reds and whites from the Colli of Conegliano, Cartizze, Torchiato di Fregona, Refrontolo Passito and Verdiso to name a few. The quality of the wine from these hills are world renown.

Here, the hospitality is shown by the professionalism of the host as well as by the satisfaction and pride that is demonstrated while serving the guests. The typical local ingredients are unique and inimitable, giving personality to every dish.

It is a land that is unknown to mass tourism, but still able to amaze even the most skeptical traveler. It is fascinating to art and architecture lovers with its historical villages, churches, abbeys, castles, Venetian villas and walled cities. Hikers, sportsman and those who love nature are equally as entranced, and wine lovers are never disappointed.

All of these things are part of our extraordinary local heritage, handed down to us by previous generations. We want to preserve and develop it, and we proudly invite you to come visit.

On our page dedicated to Itineraries, you will find excellent opportunities and suggestions of ways to discover the local wonders that the Treviso Province has to offer: places, things and the many traditions of this beautiful land.