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Beppe, founder and passionate winemaker, will tell you about the adventures of this land and when, in 2000, he decided to set aside almost an acre and a half to the vineyard (a total of five acres of barren land were acquired with the rustic land). As a friend and famous producer, he traced the lines of the project and suggested that the land was much more suited for red wine than the usual Prosecco. His is the perfect marriage between terroir, personal preference and ambition to the protection of biodiversity!

The vineyard extends in front of the house with ideal southern exposure. 10,000 rootstocks mature per hectare (with low yields) of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes, that give origin to our denomination of Colli of Conegliano Rosso DOCG, the NASI ROSSI. The curation of the vineyards is extreme and is only done by hand. After all, quality comes before quantity! Two plants are needed per rootstock in order to make a bottle of NASI ROSSI wine.

Since 2010, our production has been entirely biological (certified organic – still a rarity in Italy) and we received a certification in 2013 for preservation of the territory, nature and health.

More and more people are able to recognize a quality wine, but the work of the wine growers and their role in preserving the traditions of the territory is still little known. A walk through the vineyard will show you where the NASI ROSSI wine was born; you can wander through the orderly rows and check the growth of the plants and the grape bunches, seeing our work step-by-step as you go along.
Sip a glass of NASI ROSSI red wine in the shade of the pergola, or take a few bottles back home to share with friends and family.