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MASO DI VILLA is the historical name of this ancient farmhouse, one that can be traced through the maps of the Napoleonic Registry (1808-1813). The oldest wing of the house dates back to the early 1900’s and for many years it functioned as half barn/half living quarters. It was eventually abandoned and remained uninhabited for around 20 years, until we discovered it during a stroll through the local countryside in 1997. We fell in love with it for it’s stunning backdrop of rolling hills and for the beauty of the house itself, which was still evident in spite of the deterioration and years of neglect.

The restoration, which lasted a total of four years, was difficult, meticulous and exciting. It was carried out by maintaining and respecting the architecture of the original structure, bringing out the beauty of the ancient stones used on the façade and by carefully conserving all of the particular architectural details. It was our desire to use only historically accurate materials that were recovered after a lengthy and rigorous search: old wooden planks, tiles for the floors and the beams of the ceilings and trusses. The window handles are original to the house and were cleaned with the proper materials to ensure their conservation.

The décor of the rooms was a true challenge, but after years of patiently searching through antique markets, we accumulated the objects that we were looking for: old furnishings that originated from the local farming community, an exposed electrical system with ceramic switches, wrought iron bed frames, traditional Venetian objects, floral fabric, embroidered sheets, voile curtains and antique prints. Every single item has been selected carefully and thoughtfully, repaired or repainted as needed, and has found its own unique place throughout the house.

The land surrounding the house was also abandoned at one time. The five-acre property was brought back to life during the restoration process, and we found enough space for a beautiful garden, vegetable patch and the vineyard. There are beautiful fruit and olive trees along with a refreshing pool.

This is the story of the rebirth of MASO DI VILLA: a place that is somewhere between a private home and an old small country inn. It is not only our home, but also a lifestyle, a retreat to share with those who appreciate the ancient culture and art of fine living, and who want to join us in the natural, authentic Italian way of life.