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The wine

From the vineyard of MASO DI VILLA, and from the labor of a group of friends who just love good wine (they are also the protagonists of the label), the NASI ROSSI wine was born.
It is not just another “wine,” but the expression of our desire to share this place, our understanding of life, the earth and relationships with friends.

For us, wine is not just a business or a job; it is the essence of MASO DI VILLA. It is a new passion for life and a respect for what Mother Nature is capable of providing us. This is our synonym for the absolute quality of the vineyard and of the cantina itself and the reason why the wine is not homologated nor commercialized in the typical ways of this industry. Our wine can only be purchased directly from us and can only be drunk in a few select restaurants in the area.

For details and to place an order online, please visit www.nasirossi.it.

Classification: Colli di Conegliano Rosso DOCG
Variety: Caberbet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc
Harvest Method: by hand, mid October
Fermentation: 20 days in oak vats, aging for 24 months in new French barrels
Biological Production since 2010, certified in 2015

  • 2004 Vintage DOC – vol. 13,5% – 2900 bottles produced and 200 magnum – FINISHED
  • 2005 Vintage DOC – vol. 13% – 2652 bottles produced and 100 magnum – FINISHED
  • 2006 Vintage DOC – vol. 13.5 % –2196 bottles produced and 100 magnum – FINISHED
  • 2007 Vintage DOCG – vol. 13.5% – 3350 bottles produced – FINISHED
  • 2008 Vintage DOCG – vol. 14% – 3100 bottles produced and 100 magnum – FINISHED
  • 2009 Vintage DOCG – vol. 14% – 3370 bottles produced and 103 magnum – FINISHED
  • 2010 Vintage DOCG – vol. 13.5% – 2620 bottles produced and 100 magnum – FINISHED
  • 2012 Vintage DOCG – vol. 14% – 2146 bottles produced and 89 magnum – FINISHED
  • 2013 Vintage DOCG – vol. 14% – 3060 bottles produced and 100 magnum – FINISHED
  • 2016 Vintage DOCG – vol. 14% – 2000 bottles produced and 65 magnum – organic – FINISHED
  • 2015: Vintage DOCG – vol. 14% – 3030 bottles produced and 100 magnum – organic – available from November 2023


This vintage was marked by late sprouting, due to a cold and rainy May. This delay was partially recovered over the following months thanks to a hot summer with regular rains followed by a mild and dry autumn, resulting in the grapes being fully ripe at harvest.
The sudden drop in temperatures in the first half of October brought warm days and cool nights, ensuring excellent aromatic ripening of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Marzemino: 29 September
Merlot: 7 October
Cabernet Franc: 12 October
Cabernet Sauvignon: 16 October
It was assembled in July 2018, after 20 months’ refining in oak barrels, and bottled on 22 August 2018. We produced 2000 0.75lt bottles and 64 magnum bottles.

NASI ROSSI 2016 is elegant and rich in the nose. The maturity of the grapes shows in intense flavours
of black and red berries, accompanied by fine notes of toasting. It is warm and full-flavoured on the palate, not too tannic, of great depth and persistence.

Compared with the previous ones, the 2016 vintage is fully developed and ready for drinking. Nevertheless, it maintains the distinctive feature of NASI ROSSI – the great longevity that ensures excellent ageing potential.